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What Are Food Logistics

Food logistics encompasses the processing, packaging, shipping, and delivery of all food and beverage goods and items that customers may utilize. Simply put, food logistics is the movement of food products from one location to another. Not all warehousing and logistics companies offer this service, 因此,当您的企业在寻找食品物流合作伙伴时,了解该寻找什么是很重要的.

Food logistics involves three major areas: transportation, storage, and distribution. Not only must the logistics issues of all three be addressed, but it is also necessary to ensure that all three areas take safety, such as climate control and cross-contamination, into consideration. 

这些东西的管理不当会导致食物浪费和变质的机会增加. 除了安全之外,食品物流最重要的考虑因素可能包括容量和优化路线,以确保准时交付.

Food Logistics

Understanding the Food Supply Chain

Food supply chains can be complicated, with several touchpoints that shippers must continuously manage. 了解供应链的各个部分对于认识到它们的角色并确保遵守所有法规和最佳实践非常重要.

查看每个接触点将帮助您更好地理解所面临的复杂性和挑战 food logistics companies in our modern day.

Production: This is where things begin. Whether the food is farmed or produced, 这个过程的这一步是在心中有指导方针的情况下完成的,并且了解每种食品将成为最终产品的一部分. There are many regulations in place to safeguard food quality, aesthetics, and safety.

Handling and Storage: This phase occurs before the product is transported. 水果和蔬菜就是一个很好的例子,说明每种产品都有自己的加工过程:有些产品在包装运输之前必须清洗, while others must be placed directly into bags to begin their journey. 处理和储存的方法是由食物的种类和最终目的地决定的.

Processing and Packaging: Before they are packaged, all food products must meet food safety criteria. Steps are in place to ensure this happens as it should. After receiving approval from the quality assurance phase on the production line, the food product is packaged and ready to be transported.

Distribution: Shipping is the final step after the product has gone through the other phases. Distribution includes shipping, warehousing, and delivery to end retailers.

The food logistics supply chain has recently been impacted by a variety of factors. Food logistics has evolved as a result of events like COVID, the Great Recession, and even natural disasters. Considering these changes, it’s no wonder that food logistics is an evolving thing, 随着这个行业努力跟上世界的变化,以及消费者如何花钱.

Food Logistics Safety

所有食品物流实体都有义务和责任确保他们始终遵守所有法规, the right chain of custody, and the applicable laws governing the transportation of food and beverage products. 这一点尤其重要,因为地方法律可能与联邦政府制定的法律不同.

食品物流设施必须持有专门的认证,证明他们为食品运输和储存提供了安全的环境. 制定食品物流标准是为了防止普通民众食用受污染的食品和饮料. 

Every company that manufactures, processes, or stores food or beverages must register with the FDA, be subject to inspections every three years, and accept a set of regulations. Third-party audits of food grade warehousing include specifications for quality checks, pest management, and even subtle details like moisture and temperature monitoring.

美国食品药品监督管理局和美国农业部监管安全质量食品(SQF),这是最受欢迎的食品认证之一. HACCP is another common certification that a quality food logistics company may have. HACCP是一种通过分析和控制生物成分来保证食品安全的管理方法, chemical, and physical hazards from the production, procurement, and handling of raw materials to the manufacture, distribution, and consumption of the final product.

Time Sensitivity in Food Logistics

Fruit, meat, dairy, baked products, 每一种配料都有一个时钟,从它离开加工设备开始滴答作响,直到它到达你的购物车. 而遵循温度控制程序是保持新鲜度的重要组成部分, time is against you. As a result, food manufacturers need to make sure they have dependable, rapid transportation to get fresh foods to their destinations quickly so that retailers, restaurants, and consumers can continue to enjoy them in their freshest form.

Many forms of transportation are used to transport food. Road, sea, air, and train are a few of them. Trucking, however, is the most popular technique and accounts for the bulk (70.5%) of food transportation in the United States. Prior to COVID, shipment deliveries could be handled via a conventional logistics strategy. But, 最近的中断通过提高对灵活性和快速交付等选项的需求,改变了这种情况. To accommodate the demand for more last-minute deliveries, smaller distributors who handle “last-mile delivery” have emerged, and hybrid routing techniques are now available.

A quality food logistics provider will have solutions to meet the needs of their customers. This may include using multiple forms of transportation to ensure the fastest, freshest, and safest delivery.

Perishables in Food Logistics

While not all food logistics involve perishable goods that have limited windows of time, 鉴于食品和饮料供应链中最大的风险源于食品的温度和时间敏感性, 了解这些风险的来源以及它们如何推动整个行业的变革是至关重要的. 


  • Cross-contamination of food products
  • Foodborne pathogen-associated illness
  • Monetary sanctions for regulatory violations
  • Retailers’ denial of shipments
  • Returns and Chargebacks
  • Dissatisfied consumers due to depleted stock

As you might imagine, 安装温度监控技术至关重要,以便在冷藏运输出现问题或货物被留在外面时能够实时查看. In addition, 重要的是要知道你的货物是如何运输的,并且要有知道如何防止交叉污染的托运人.

Technology in Food Logistics

Technology should be one of the primary areas of attention for food and beverage companies. Indeed, 食品物流是近年来受益于显著技术进步的众多行业之一. Real-time visibility and tracking have evolved, 为食品物流公司和客户提供货物位置和状态的实时更新. Temperature logging, 它利用一种电子设备来存储温度观测并保留数据以供分析, has also benefited from technological advancements.

When it comes to on-time delivery, 实时跟踪对于确定您的产品在运输过程中是否因任何原因而延迟至关重要. 所有这些洞察力使食品物流管理人员能够进行实时修改,以防止大量食物变质或食物浪费.

By adopting cutting-edge technologies such as analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence, businesses may overcome some of their industry’s most formidable obstacles. Analytics can aid in making more prudent selections. 自动化和人工智能可以利用数据优化路线规划,节省时间和资源,从而缓解劳动力短缺的问题. In fact, some reports indicate that AI in logistics will exceed $6.5 billion in 2023.

Selecting a Food Logistics Partner

Outsourcing the transportation and storage of your goods to a food logistics expert is not just about avoiding the need to manage food logistics; rather, 它是关于利用合作伙伴的集体价值,他们可以帮助你的企业扩大愿景,最大限度地减少危险. 


  • The capacity to concentrate on your business, rather than logistics
  • Reduced prices related to greater purchasing power
  • Relatively simple access to infrastructure
  • Superior scalability and adaptability
  • Knowledge of food logistics
  • Quality assurance safeguards
  • Reduced complexity in managing fleet assets
  • Data-driven decision-making

Food and beverage supply chain failures can literally cost lives. Fortunately, 通过了解上述因素并与行业专业人士合作,您的公司可以创建一个处理饮料和食品物流的交钥匙方法.

食品物流合作伙伴可以通过多种方式促进食品和饮料公司的运营. Established and reputable food logistics providers, such as Murphy Logistics, 由于他们在食品物流方面的丰富经验和知识,可以帮助您在易腐和非易腐食品物流的世界中导航. 

With over two decades of experience, Murphy Logistics has expanded our 3PL logistics solutions to include 14 locations with a total of 2.8 million square feet of bulk, rack, and food-grade storage. This has allowed us to deliver not only extensive knowledge and great attention to detail, but consistent high-quality results when it comes to food logistics. 通过与我们的团队讨论您的项目需求,了解我们如何帮助您升级您的食品物流解决方案.